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Hiroaki Maruya

丸谷 近影

Present post
Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science (and School of Law), Tohoku University
Additional post
Deputy Board Chairperson, Business Continuity Advancement Organization
Birth day (age)
Aug. 4, 1959
  • March, 1983  Graduated from Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo
  • April, 1983  Ministry of Construction (Housing Policy Division, etc.)
  • October, 1988  Economic Planning Agency (First Domestic Research Division)
  • April, 1991  Japanese Embassy in Singapore (First Secretary)
  • July, 1994  Ministry of Construction (Housing Policy Division, International Affairs Division)
  • July, 1997  Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation (Director of Planning Division)
  • April, 2000  Ministry of Construction (Director of Office for Construction Market Access)
  • July, 2002  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) (Director of Construction Labor and Materials Division)
  • July, 2004  Cabinet Office (Disaster Management Bureau, Manager of Disaster Prevention Office)
  • July, 2005  Kyoto University (Institute of Economic Research, Professor)
  • July, 2008  Research Institute of Construction and Economy (Executive Fellow)
  • February, 2009 [Additional post, part-time]  Tokyo Institute of Technology (Center for Urban Earthquake Engineering, Professor)
  • October, 2011  Cabinet Office (Disaster Management Bureau, Disaster Management Policy Department. Director)
Degree awarded
Dr. of Economics (Kyoto University)
(Sep. 24. 2008)
Academic Society
Institute of Social Safety Science, Japan Association of Real Estate Sciences, Association of Urban Housing Sciences, Architectural Institute of Japan